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When Jean-Pierre Houdin published the first Memoir on the discovery of the BIG VOID in Khufu’s Pyramid on October 25, 2022, he wrote on the cover that it would be followed by two other documents of the same type to form a trilogy.


Begun in January 2023, the title of the second Memoir, “Khufu’s Pyramid, recent discovery of a corridor by the ScanPyramids mission” and its structure were based on the results known at the time of publication of the first.  In this new document, he would give his interpretation of this "probable" corridor-shaped cavity, between 17 and 23 m high, detected by muography behind the chevrons above the North face entrance. 


At the end of February, the team from the University of Munich confirms, using radar and ultrasound, the presence of a void behind the lower pair of rafters under a rafter roof behind the upper pair; the introduction of an endoscope enables a "corridor-chamber" some 9m long, 2.10m wide and 2.30m high to be visualized and videotaped, some 82cm from the outside!


On March 2, 2023, the ScanPyramids mission and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announce the discovery at a press conference hold under a marquee in front of the North face of Khufu’s Pyramid.

This event turns his plan for the Memoir upside down. It's no longer a question of extreme probability, but of the discovery of a real chamber that hasn't been seen by a human being for over forty-five centuries; this one is the most important since Howard Vyse's 1837 discovery of the last so-called relieving chamber above the King's Chamber.

This discovery is therefore HISTORIC!


The very next day, Jean-Pierre Houdin decides to start again from scratch on the writing of the second Memoir, which in fact becomes the History of a "discovery foretold", predicted in the summer of 2003 following several years of research, reflection and studies linked to the resolution of the enigma of the construction of Khufu’s Pyramid.


On March 28, The International Muography Research Organization of the University of Tokyo publishes an interview with Jean-Pierre Houdin on its Muographix website, outlining the background to the selection of muography by the ScanPyramids mission and the work of Dr Hiroyuki Tanaka since 2012.


In early July, publication of INEXPLIQUE magazine Hors-série N˚3 devoted to Khufu's Pyramid and the discovery of the BIG VOID. A large part of the magazine is dedicated to Jean-Pierre Houdin's research.


In August, a new sponsor, NEYRET GROUP, headed by Bruno Neyret, makes a substantial donation to the ACGP, part of the funds enabling a large update of the association's website and the creation of an English version. Bruno Neyret has been a loyal supporter of the ACGP and Jean-Pierre Houdin's work since 2006, first with his Egyptian company GROUPE PYRAMIDE EGYPTE, then on a personal basis and finally with NEYRET GROUP.


In early October, a 42-minute interview with Jean-Pierre Houdin by Bob Bellanca is posted on the BTLV subscription TV channel. The interview focuses on his research work, his relationship with the ScanPyramids mission and the announced discoveries.

On October 25, as planned, Jean-Pierre Houdin publishes his second Memoir on his ACADEMIA page under the title:


Khufu’s Pyramid, recent discovery of a corridor under the North face by the ScanPyramids mission.


(The ScanPyramids North Face Corridor)


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