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First book
La Pyramide Kheops

On June 25, Jean-Pierre Houdin met American Egyptologist Dr. Bob Brier in New York, who was won over by the theory and resolutely pledged his support, which would later prove decisive, opening an important door in the world of Egyptology.

During the summer, Jean-Pierre Houdin develops a complementary hypothesis to the theory, suspecting the existence of a second, unknown circuit linking the entrance on the North face to the King's Chamber, and passing through 2 antechambers parallel to the Grand Gallery. For strategic reasons, he decides to keep this hypothesis confidential while protecting it legally. It would not be revealed until 8 years later.

On August 4, the ACGP, an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 15, 1901, is declared to the Soissons sub-prefecture. It is published in the Journal Officiel on September 6. Its purpose is to prepare a future scientific mission to Egypt and to develop work on the theory.

In November, Editions du Linteau, directed by ACGP founder Bernard Marrey, publishes the book "La Pyramide de Kheops" by Henri and Jean-Pierre Houdin.


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