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First lecture

Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris

On March 21, Henri and Jean-Pierre Houdin met with Professor Hany Helal, Cultural Advisor to the Egyptian Embassy in Paris. Hany Helal, an engineer from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy and member of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, was part of the 1986 microgravimetry mission. Following this meeting, on September 25 Jean-Pierre Houdin gave his first lecture at the Centre Culturel Egyptien in Paris, presenting a new 3D model he had produced, incorporating several updates.

On December 12 in Paris, another lecture is given to the FNTP (Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics), which publishes a long article on the theory in its journal Travaux. This conference had a considerable impact on the development of the theory, thanks to the engineers and scientists present in the room: Henri Houdin, François Levieux, Jean Billard and Ruth Schumann-Antelme, an Egyptologist, were behind the creation of the ACGP (Association Construire la Grande Pyramide), joined by a dozen eminent personalities, including Hubert Curien, former Minister of Research, as well as the CNISF (Conseil National des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France) and the IREX (Institut pour la Recherche appliquée et l'Expérimentation).

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