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The time to step out of the shadow

On January 2, author Sharon Janet Hague publishes an interview with Jean-Pierre Houdin on her website in the Stars of Egyptology category:


An informal meeting with the heads of the mission is planned for August 31, but this doesn’t take place, as everyone's schedules don’t permit it. 


In autumn, after more than a year and a half of health crisis, Jean-Pierre Houdin thinks it's high time to regain control of his destiny and step out of the shadows: two months earlier, he became a septuagenarian, a far cry from the forty-eight years he was when he began his adventure at the pyramids! 


He considers that he has reached such a high level of knowledge of Khufu’s Pyramid and the ScanPyramids mission that it would be a shame to let it go to waste. So he decides to set about writing up his interpretations of the three major ScanPyramids discoveries, starting with the BIG VOID, as this is the key that opens the door to the reconstruction of the pyramid's most technically impressive construction site, that of the King's Chamber and its superstructure. 


The whole will form a trilogy of three successive Memoirs, which he will publish, in French and English and for free disposal, on his ACADEMIA page as follows:


First Memoir:

Khufu’s Pyramid, recent discovery of a large cavity by the ScanPyramids mission

The Big Void


Second Memoir:

Khufu’s Pyramid, recent discovery of a corridor under the North Face by the ScanPyramids mission


(The ScanPyramids North Face Corridor)


Third Memoir:

Khufu’s Pyramid, recent discovery of a cavity under the northeastern edge by the ScanPyramids mission

Cavity C1


He decides to publish his three Memoirs over 3 years, the first on October 25, 2022, the second on October 25, 2023 and the last on October 25, 2024, the anniversaries of his father Henri Houdin's death, to mark the link between the ScanPyramids mission and its origins, which go back to the birth of the internal ramp theory.

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