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Since February, Jean-Pierre Houdin has resumed his studies on the pyramids of Egypt and is working, in collaboration with Alain Dugousset, on the modelling of the Red Pyramid of Dahshur. The aim is to broaden the basis of the internal ramp theory by explaining the construction of the 4 great pyramids of the 4th Egyptian Dynasty, and to demonstrate the perfect constructive logic behind these constructions. These pyramids were built under the reigns of 3 kings from the same family: at Dahshur, the Bent and Red pyramids of King Snefrou, and at Giza, those of his son Khufu and his grandson Khafre.

On May 5, Jean-Pierre Houdin organizes a meeting in New York with Dr Tanaka and Dr Bob Brier, a well-known Egyptologist and doctor of quantum physics. Dr. Brier confirms that the technique is ideally suited to detecting both the internal ramps and the antechambers of Khufu’s Pyramid. The technique is complementary to infrared, and Dr Tanaka has agreed to collaborate with Laval University in Quebec and Dassault Systèmes. At the end of the meeting, he invites Jean-Pierre Houdin to visit his laboratory at the University of Tokyo in early June.


On May 8, Jean-Pierre Houdin takes part in the public presentation of the GIZA 3D Project, directed by Mehdi Tayoubi, at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston. At this event, Dr Peter der Manuelian reminds us that this project would never have been possible without Jean-Pierre Houdin's work on Khufu’s Pyramid. Dr. der Manuelian is also a professor at Havard University, where he teaches the theory of the internal ramp to his students. Marc Chartier, "Pyramidales", and Keith Payne, "Em Hotep!", also take part in this event.

At the beginning of June, Jean-Pierre Houdin travels to Tokyo to see the muon detection equipment that Dr Tanaka intends to use for the future scientific mission; discussions focus on both Khufu’s Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. Dr Tanaka gave his final approval for the mission to involve the University of Tokyo (muons), Laval University in Quebec City (infrared) and Dassault Systèmes. Since his university budget is limited, he asked Dassault Systèmes to contribute to the funding of his work, while developing visual promotional material to showcase his technique. Dr Tanaka and Jean-Pierre Houdin celebrate the Tokyo agreement over a bottle of champagne... Pyramid!


By the end of June, Jean-Pierre Houdin's modeling of the Red Pyramid's construction processes is complete; he decides not to make his theory public, filing an copyraight application to protect it, preferring to save his demonstration for better days.


On November 8, Team Khufu presents "Kheops Renaissance" at the Théâtre de Saint-Dizier.

On November 23, Jean-Pierre Houdin presents his work in the "Salone de' Dugento" of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The conference is organized by Claudio Cantella, President of NAJS, on behalf of the President of the City Council, the Egyptian Museum of Florence, the French Institute of Florence and the Egyptian Cultural Office in Rome. Over 250 people attended the presentation, which is simultaneously translated into Italian. 

As for Keith Payne's "Em Hotep!" blog, by the end of the year it had exceeded 235,000 unique visits.


In December, TIME publishes the book "Man-Made WONDERS" about 15 extraordinary building sites, the 2nd concerning the pyramids of Egypt. The internal ramp theory is put forward as a solution for the construction of the Great Pyramid. A fine acknowledgement.

Batscop becomes new patron of the ACGP

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