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The principle of a helical spiral internal ramp was abandoned in favor of a quarter-turn spiral internal ramp made up of some twenty rectilinear sections rising parallel to the faces; changes from one section to the next are made in notches open to the outside at the edges. An external ramp, resting on the South face up to level +43m, the level of the King's Chamber, enables the construction site to be supplied on a massive scale, the role of the internal ramp being to replace the external ramp beyond this level and enable the upper part of the pyramid to be built with materials recovered from the dismantling of the external ramp.


In July, Henri Houdin meets geologist Pierre Delétie at the EDF Foundation to discuss the results of the microgravimetry mission carried out in 1986 under the aegis of EDF, of which he was a member. Mr. Delétie was surprised by the plan view of the internal ramp, as it reminded him of an anomaly detected at the time that had been "forgotten" for lack of explanation; as far as he was concerned, the results showing this anomaly were consistent with the course of the internal ramp. In September, Pierre Delétie transmits the results of the mission highlighting this anomaly.

7M-22 a trans En.jpg
21M-23 a trans En.jpg
43M-24 a trans En.jpg
68M-25 a trans En.jpg
113M-26 a trans En.jpg
146M- 29 a trans En.jpg

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Fondation EDF / J-P Houdin

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